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Debt Collection Abuse

 The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (known as the “FDCPA”) is a federal law designed to prevent and punish abuses by debt collectors. It requires debt collectors to follow very specific rules when they attempt to collect debts and prohibits them from using misrepresentations or harassment to collect debts.

If you have been the victim of debt collection abuse, you may be entitled to relief under the FDCPA, which may allow you to recover up to $1,000 in statutory damage in addition to any actual damages you suffered. Sometimes, if the debt collector shows a standard pattern of violating the FDCPA, you may be able to bring a class action to protect the rights of everyone who was abused.

The Wolf Law Firm, LLC has years of experience in litigating and settling FDCPA cases. A few examples of cases where we have been able to win relief for our clients include:

  • A class action against a debt collector who improperly contact the debtors’ employers.
  • A lawsuit against a debt collector who harassed a debtor with phone calls even though she was represented by an attorney.
  • A class action against a debt collecting law firm who misrepresented the amount of the debt by failing to disclose that they had added interest to the debt amount.

If you are being hounded by an unscrupulous debt collector, contact us today. We may be able to help.


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