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Consumer Protection

The Wolf Law Firm, LLC handles all aspects of consumer protection litigation. We are dedicated to protecting and vindicating the rights of consumers through aggressive litigation, negotiation, and advocacy.

New Jersey is fortunate to have one of the strongest consumer-protection laws in the nation: the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act (CFA). This law prohibits misrepresentations, unconscionable practices, bait-and-switch, and similar tactics in consumer transactions. Under the CFA, victims can recover treble damages (three times their actual damages).

The CFA also lets victims recover attorneys’ fees. This fee-shifting feature of the law allows us to take even small cases on a contingency. That means that in most cases, we will not charge you any fee up front; we will only get paid if we win or settle the case.

The Consumer Fraud Act applies to all consumer transactions, ranging from retail goods to financial instruments. The Wolf Law Firm, LLC represents consumers who have been defrauded or abused by any type of business.

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